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New Heights school will provide an education that allows children to learn based on their ability. A child who is 6 and who works at a grade 2 level in their language skills will learn at this level for language. This same child may be working at a grade 3 level in math, or a grade 1 level in math, and will be provided with lessons that meet their needs in every subject. In order to be consistent with expectations for different grade levels, we will be referring to the guidelines and standards that are listed with the Ministry of Education so that we can consistently evaluate the level in which the children are learning at.

A portfolio of children’s work will be maintained so that parents will have regular access to the progress their child or children are making. A few times per year children enrolled in the full time program will participate in a student-led conference where they will be able to meet together with their teacher and their parents or care-givers to show what they have learned and worked on in the period preceding the conference.

Children will not be given regular tests in all subjects since testing is not always the best way to evaluate children. Testing can heighten the stress levels in children and is not always a true indicator of their ability. Also, children are not always able to show what they know in the typical testing format using pencil and paper. Another problem with testing is that teachers often teach to the test and this can make learning seem more rigid, rather then natural and rewarding in and of itself. We want to nurture a love of learning and not a fear or dread of tests.

If we do not regularly test you may wonder how we will know if the child is learning. It is clear that consistent, daily observations of the students work is a more accurate indicator of whether a child is learning, and what their areas of strengths and needs are. We can also empower the children by getting them used to identifying what their needs and strengths are themselves and learning to self-regulate and set personal goals for their learning. When tests are given at New Heights School they will be administered in as non-threatening a way as possible so that we can lessen the stressful and negative feelings that often accompany test-taking. This way the children can better develop positive attitudes towards preparing for and taking tests, since it is recognized that tests are a part of our educational system and that children should not be afraid to participate in the process when appropriate.

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