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Code of Conduct 
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A No-Bullying Zone

One of the biggest problems with schools is the pervasive problems associated with bullying. No person should have to go through school fearing that they will be picked on, teased, or physically hurt. Likewise, people who bully should be taught that their behavior is not a reflection of personal control, but rather a lack of it, since people should be able to find healthier ways of dealing with anger and frustration, and to know that hurting others ultimately hurts them as well, and contaminates the environment in which they are in. As such, there will be a zero tolerance for negative behavior at New Heights School. No child should ever feel that they are at risk for being harassed or bullied and negative behavior will simply not be tolerated. We need to remember that name calling and bullying is a learned behavior, it is not something people need to do to get along in the world. Clearly, just as it can be learned, so can it be unlearned. New Heights School will be a positive and encouraging environment, one that will naturally promote good feelings. Being a smaller school this objective of creating a no-bullying zone is an achievable goal, and one that we should all agree to strive for. It is not expecting perfection, yet it does expect that all people will put forth every effort to make their behavior positive and encouraging. New Heights School will encourage open discussion, and develop strategies to positively impact moral development.

With this in mind it will be important to note the following rules as related to conduct:

• no name calling, teasing, or threats

• no hitting, pinching, or pushing with the intent to cause bodily harm

• no profanity is to be used in the school

• no taking of objects that do not belong to you without permission

What does good behavior look like?

• using positive words such as, “may I help you”, “I like you”, “good job” are all welcome to be used!

• using manner words such as thank you, please, pardon me

• being honest since this will always be respected

• having a helpful and positive attitude

• taking turns

• helping when someone is feeling down or needs help

• being respectful of individual differences

A Learning Culture and Environment

There are so many other great ways we can make the environment great. I will be looking forward to having the students brainstorm more ways and adding them to our list that will be posted in a prominent place in the school room.

I am certain that everyone can follow the expectations outlined in the section on code of conduct. Although some patience will be required it will be important to know that chronic problems with negative behavior will result in a de-enrolment to New Heights School. It would be important for everyone who attends to be confident that they are in a safe and positive environment. I am also confident that everyone will agree to help to make this a reality, as it is in all of our best interest to do this for the well-being of our children.

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